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Services – Happiness begins here


What you’ll get if you work with me:

  • More happiness
  • Feel more loved
  • Better relationships
  • More Joy
  • A deeper sense of who you are
  • What your real purpose is
  • More peace
  • A better self-awareness
  • Clarity

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here contact me to see if I can help you.

One-on-one Sessions – $125.

Authentic Life coachingOne-on-one sessions are one of the services that are customized to you and your style of learning and living. This means that you learn more about yourself and how to make the changes you want with techniques and tools such as Personality Types, visualization and self-inquiry that will help you reveal your purposeful journey to a more gratifying life and deepen your spiritual growth.

And initial set of eight sessions will put you on the right track and give you the tools you need to continue on your own. But each person is different and how many sessions you need depends on the situation and how much of a commitment you make to yourself. Anything beyond that is based on the individual. Often, all that is needed after the initial eight sessions is an occasional session for times when you may feel stuck or need a little extra guidance.


 Men’s Programs


Authentic Life Men's Program

The Wise Man’s Way is all about masculinity from a new perspective. If you’re looking for a great relationship, more understanding of your partner, children and colleagues, and have a desire to move from ambition to deeper meaning in your life it usually starts with a better understanding of yourself.  With that in mind, The Wise Man’s Way is what will guide you in self-discovery, to unlock your full potential, to teach you how to communicate on a level beyond what you’ve known before and to be the kind of partner that any woman (or man) would love.

You can find out all about our services for men here.

Enneagram Discovery Session – $427.

Have you ever felt a yearning to know exactly who you are? I mean, to know from the very foundation of your humanness, what drives you, what holds you back, what your obstacles are and what you can do to shift it all so that it becomes your greatest gift?Authentic Life through Enneagram

This 3 hour discovery session will do just that. Take a deep dive into your Enneagram Character Type and find out how you can use your characteristics for your highest purpose and spiritual growth as you travel the road to enlightenment so that you never have to let it hold you back again.

In this session you will:

  • Learn what type you are (unless you already know)
  • Discover the ways your type has been your undoing
  • Find out how to see and use your characteristics as a gift
  • Gain insight, tools and skills that will help you build strong usage of the aspects of your character type
  • Achieve deeper spiritual growth through self-inquiry, knowledge and insight

It’s eye opening, spirit building and confidence boosting!