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Your Authentic Life

A Guide to Heart-Centered LivingYour Authentic Life cover

This handy little workbook will guide you through the steps necessary to let go of old stuff that is keeping you from living life to the fullest, feeling joy and being present in every moment. If you want to move find a way to engage in life to the fullest and deepen your practice of letting go of the things that no longer serve you, this is the book for you.

It contains step by step instructions on how to deal with stress, letting go of anger, handling fear and embracing your self-worth, so that you can experience the greatness of who you are.


10 Day Meditation Series

MeditationDaily meditations for more conscious living.
Relax to soothing sounds and mindful meditations that bring you into yourself to find peace and contentment each day. Each daily meditation focuses on positive thoughts, feelings and beliefs and guides you through a relaxing journey within and leaves you feeling ready to face your day with peace, acceptance and love. A great addition to your self-help products toolbox.

Listen to Day 6 – Joy by clicking below:

This Meditation Series is available for download on iTunes now just by clicking on the Buy On ITunes button below. If you’d like to order a CD click on the By CD Now button below.

Buy on itunesWhat people are saying about the 10 Day Meditation Series:

I was grateful for being able to follow meditations led by Bettina—prior to Christmas 2014.Each reflection was so accessible with its succinctness  woven  into  gentle time but never without power ;a great way to begin my day and focus on being a better me during the season’s distractions . I looked forward to the haven  her words  facilitated within my heart  as each day   of  the holiday aura began. Bettina’s voice and the flow  of  her kindness came through .
The themes   although familiar were honoured in a  renewing way to dwell with them .   I even re-listened to one of them, together with my family and friends during a holiday visit, as part of being united in the season’s meaning of  love. The meditations were so valuable for me as a seasonal type of foundation from which to hear perhaps a deeper wisdom teaching meant  just for me. Some lessons led to deeper resonnance with me during the silent minutes.  The expert and comforting wisdom of Bettina led me to quiet and reflection and pause.
Her format i created a  realistic spiritual space  available anytime to  listen inwardly and mindfully .  Thank you Bettina for these meditations  that created eternal moments for me.  Sincerely,they became eternal moments  for me…by their refreshment to my spirit .
Even now  the effects still do  resonate  and it is long after Christmas.


We live in a highly-stressed, almost impossibly fast-paced society. If we are to have any semblance of a connection to what lies beyond the material, then it is absolutely essential that we tap on and tune in to what really matters. Bettina Goodwin’s meditations help us do just that – achieve a connection with the indwelling power of our spiritual light. When stress and fear are often common driving factors for us, Bettina Goodwin’s meditations have the power to bring us “home” again. Bettina’s meditations are clear and beautiful. The resonant power of her voice will soothe you and her soulful guidance will speak directly to your heart.


Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a great gift idea for someone you love. Give your loved one the gift of peace.

Certificates come in $25 increments and can be used for any services, classes or workshops that I offer here at The Soul Connection.