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“Thank you for the Reiki session yesterday. It was so much more than I thought. I wanted to share with you that almost as soon as I walked out of your house, positive things were happening to me. It felt like an out pour of amazing energy, one of which was getting an interview appointment for Monday! thank you for connecting with me and making my energy flow again.”


“Bettina is an old soul, very insightful and intuitive. She can get right down to the core of what’s going on. My personal opinion of Bettina is that she can help you move your life into the direction you want. She has walked the walk and now she is more than capable of showing others how to follow their “Path”.”

Diane M

“Bettina has an incredible amount of insight and perception and she manages to help us see problems and issues  from a different angle, and thereby seeing the root of our pain.  Once this root is realized, our connection to this pain is severed during a guided visualization, and true healing and transformation begins.  She teaches how this can be done for any situation, at any time.  Mastering of this leads to true peace and harmony in ones life.”

Joanne Anderson

“I’ve been privileged to participate in many of the sessions with Bettina and Peter, and have gained so much.  They have a spirituality, wisdom and warmth that permeates our lives.  Each time, my spirit has been renewed and I’ve had much to ponder and put into everyday life.  Who would have thought, a 71 year old woman would learn so much?”

Joanne Longo

“Bettina and Peter are both SO well informed in all areas of Conscious Living and it is so easy to listen to them. They always seem to be learning and growing, which reflects on the whole group. I enjoy this group very much.”