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AboutThe Soul Connection is about offering classes, group and one-on-one sessions for men, women and children. It offers deep spiritual growth and  a return to the Loving Presence that is their true and authentic self.  It’s about letting go of limiting beliefs. It’s about learning how to be with your emotions. And it’s about learning to express vulnerability, needs and desires with love. The Soul Connection is about helping you if you feel bullied, unhappy, experience anxiety or are in a bad relationship.  Get unstuck and jump into life so you can shine!  And it all takes place in a safe and loving environment.

The core belief of our practice

We believe that everyone deserves to feel peace no matter what life throws at you.

The birth of a life purpose…

My journey began as a search for happiness. I wanted to find a way to live a better life. To be kinder, to feel loved and to be a good mother to my children. What I didn’t realize then was that my search was only the beginning of a life long journey to realize my own Loving Presence. It is a journey that has become a way of life for me. It’s a new way to look at myself and the world around me. It is one that supports a kind and loving life for me and those I love. It’s a journey that only moves forward and in which there is no turning back. And for that I am grateful.

It is because of this I offer to share with you what I have learned along the way. I have no agenda, nor ideas about where you should be headed however I am here to listen, to teach and to guide you on your journey to Loving Presence, through a process of conscious awareness and love.

My own connection to Loving Presence became The Soul Connection. It is a company born of my passion for teaching and the journey to life lived from the heart and soul of true self.

Before that…

Before The Soul Connection came to be, I was lucky enough to spend a number of years healing, growing and connecting to my own Loving Presence. and during that time, I worked for many different people, doing many different things.

All of that led me to become a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master and Enneagram teacher with a love of helping people find peace. My own journey has been my greatest training ground and my willingness to live a soul-centered life keeps me honest, open and accepting of each of my clients’ journeys.

I’m intuitive and empathic with enough analytical skills to ask the right questions that guide my clients on the road to their authentic, amazing selves.

So that’s me and what I’m all about. Most of all I’d love to connect and find out all about you! Are you ready to start your journey to your authentic self? Send me an email and tell me your story, explore a little more of the site and read about my services, book a free 30 minute consultation, or over on the right sign up for my occasional newsletter (and receive a free meditation audio for doing so!)