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366 Days of Joy


Experiencing Joy doesn’t have to be a “knock me down, in my face, blow me away” kind of experience. That’s what I’ve learned over that past little while. I realized that I’ve been spending a lot of time waiting for Joy to show up in my life, with an expectation of some fireworks that will totally sweep me off my feet. But what I’ve realized is that every day of my life is filled with beautiful moments of joy that I don’t always see because I am so caught up in the doing of life and forget to be – fully and completely in the moment, to take in that joyous feeling and let it sink into every pore of my being so that I actually AM joy. My God, it feels good just to even write that. Now I know I really want to feel it.

So I’m going to pay more attention to the joyous part of my life. I’m going to lean in, full on and catch those moments of joy so that I don’t miss them. I’m going to write some of them down – yes only some of them because I’m anticipating that I am going to be experiencing so many moments of joy I won’t have time to write them all down. But I will write down at least one daily as a reminder of joy in my life especially for those times when I’m not feeling it. Something to bring me back to the present moment. I know lots of people make up Joy jars and leave them till the end of the year to read but I’m thinking that reading them whenever I need to will help me to get back to my authentic self and give me the most benefit.

I’m wishing you all the experience of joy in your lives and if you aren’t feeling it, I hope you’ll join me on my return to joy in whatever way will help you to reconnect – with joy, with love and with your authentic self. And if you’d like to do a simple meditation on Joy, you can listen to my meditation here.

I’d love to hear from you about how you’re doing with your joyful life or with questions or requests for ideas on how to find the joy.

Yours in joy,

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